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Basic House Wiring | Wiring | Electrical | Repair Topics
For problems with electrical outlets see 'troubleshooting outlets' and 'wiring light switches' for information on these two common problems. Basic House Wiring Summary. Adding a plug or replacing a fixture is not that hard. Make sure you acquire an adequate knowledge of basic house wiring Residential Wiring · Installing Electrical Fixtures · Adding Circuit Breakers · Types of Electrical Circuits
Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits | Wiring | Electrical
For some related topics, see the articles 'Troubleshooting Electrical Wiring', 'Fixing Electrical Outlets', 'Installing Light Switches', 'Reparing Three Way Switches' and 'Basic House Wiring'. Follow these links for more information. Tracing the wiring for a circuit can be challenging for an amateur.
10 Wiring Problems Solved - This Old House
Overlamping is when a light fixture has a bulb with a higher wattage than the fixture is designed for. Uncovered junction boxes increase the risk of wire damage and shock 1. Overlamping. What it Lights flicker when it's windy because frayed wiring causes a short whenever the cables move 2. Not enough outlets means you're likely to rely on extension cords and power strips 3. Lights Flicker See all full list on thisoldhouse
Troubleshoot Electrical Wiring Problems
My primary goal of this web site is to help people understand what is involved with the home electrical systems so we don't have to end up troubleshooting your house electrical wiring problems. Usually there is a logical reason why an electrical failure has occurred. Identifying Home Electrical Problems and Electrical Wiring Failures
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Click to view on YouTube4:36Basic House Wiring Explained24K views · Jul 7, 2017YouTube › David JonesClick to view on YouTube2:01#BASIC #HOUSE #WIRING #PATH56 views · 2 months agoYouTube › II WClick to view on YouTube8:02Basic Electrical Residential Wiring61K views · Jul 1, 2018YouTube › S33 ElectricalSee more videos of Basic House Wiring Troubleshooting
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The site map of electrician's troubleshooting resource for homeowners. The Circuit Detective Home Electrical Troubleshooting. Wiring basics Special control devices. Appliances Bulbs, receptacles, etc. Common problems; Basic house wiring; Tester chart; Neon testers; Testing strategy; How to test for what; Symptom-cause chart; Glossary;
10 Common Electrical Problems Around The Home - Platinum
Frequent electrical surges. Electrical surges can be caused by anything from lightning strikes, Sags and dips in power. Like electrical surges, sags and dips in electrical supply can often be Light switches not working properly. Dimmer switches that don’t adjust light properly can often be Circuit breaker tripping frequently. High wattage items like microwaves and hairdryers can trip See all full list on platinumelectricians
DIY Basic Residential Electricity 1 - YouTube
Click to view on Bing10:21Nov 29, 2016DIY Basic Residential Electricity 1 Paul Ricalde Great information that will help you understand residential wiring and how to troubleshoot problems. Land to House 132,251 views. 20:33.Author: Paul RicaldeViews: 151K
Basic Circuit Troubleshooting Worksheet - Basic Electricity
Basic Circuit Troubleshooting Basic Electricity PDF Version. Question 1 and that the circuit wiring is continuous from the negative battery terminal to point C, and from the positive battery terminal to point H. The fault is an öpen” somewhere to the right of points C and H - possibly more than one.Determine if the light bulb will de-energize for each of the following breaks in the circuit. Consider just one break at a time: • Choose one option for each point: • A: de-energize / no effect • B: de-energize / no effect • C: de-energize / no effect • D: de-energize / no effect • E: de-energize / no effect • F: de-energize / no effect• A: de-energize • B: no effect • C: no effect • D: no effect • E: de-energize • F: no effectExamine the following illustration of a simple battery-switch-lamp circuit, connected together using screw-terminal blocks, each connection point on each terminal block identified by a unique number: Determine whether or not voltage should be present between the following pairs of terminal block points with the switch in the ON position: • Points 1 and 5: • Points 6 and 7: • Points 4 and 10: • Points 9 and 12: • Points 6 and 12: • Points 9 and 10: • Points 4 and 7: Now, determine whether or not voltage should be present between the following pairs of terminal block points with the switch in the OFF position: • Points 1 and 5: • Points 6 and 7: • Points 4 and 10: • Points 9 and 12: • Points 6 and 12: • Points 9 and 10: • Points 4 and 7:Switch ON: • Points 1 and 5: Voltage! • Points 6 and 7: No voltage • Points 4 and 10: No voltage • Points 9 and 12: Voltage! • Points 6 an..The following battery-switch-lamp circuit has a problem. Over time, corrosion has developed between the wire end and the screw terminal labeled “4” on the upper side of the top terminal block. This corroded connection now has a high resistance instead of a low resistance as it should. As a result, the light bulb does not energize when the switch is turned ON: Taking voltage measurements with a voltmeter, how do you think this corrosion problem will reveal itself with the switch on the ON position? In other words, which voltage measurement in this circuit (i.e. between which pair or pairs of terminal block points) will be unusual as a result of the bad connection at point #4, and approximately how much voltage should that measurement be?With the corroded connection at terminal #4, the following voltage measurements should read abnormally high (almost full battery voltage, whereas t..In this battery-switch-lamp circuit, the metal filament wire inside the lamp has burned up, so that it no longer forms an electrically continuous connection. In other words, the filament has failed “open.” Of course, this means the lamp will not turn on, no matter what is done with the switch. It also means that most of the voltage measurements taken in the circuit will be the same as with a properly operating circuit. There is, however, one voltage measurement which will be different in the circuit with the burned-out filament than in a properly working circuit. Identify what pair or pairs of terminal block points this different voltage will be measured between, what switch state (ON or OFF) it will appear in, and what this different voltage measurement will actually be relative to the battery voltage.With the filament burned open, the only voltage measurement that will change in the circuit is the voltage across the switch when it is in the OFF..In this circuit, where would you expect to measure full battery voltage (between what pairs of test points)?You should expect to measure full battery voltage with one test lead of your voltmeter touching any of the points along the top wire of the circuit..In this circuit, where would you not expect to measure significant voltage (between what pairs of test points)?You should not measure any significant voltage between any of the test points along the upper wire (A to B, A to C, A to D, etc.), nor between any..Suppose this battery and light bulb circuit failed to work. Using nothing but a voltmeter, how would you check the circuit to determine where the problem is located? Note: the letters indicate “test points” along the wiring where you may probe with the circuit with your voltmeter.There are several strategies which may be employed to find the location of the problem in this circuit. One popular technique is to “divide the cir..Suppose this battery and light bulb circuit failed to work: Using a voltmeter, a technician measures full battery voltage between the points C and H. What does this single measurement indicate about the condition of the circuit? Be as specific as you can.Based on this one measurement, we are able to determine that the battery is outputting full voltage, and that the circuit wiring is continuous from..Suppose this battery and light bulb circuit failed to work: Using a voltmeter , a technician measures full battery voltage between the points C and H. The result of this single measurement indicates which half of the circuit there is a definite problem in. What would you recommend as the next voltmeter measurement to take in troubleshooting the circuit, following the same “divide in half” strategy?To “divide the circuit in half” again, measure voltage between points D and I.Suppose this battery and light bulb circuit failed to work: Using a voltmeter, a technician measures 0 volts between the points C and H. What does this single measurement indicate about the condition of the circuit? Be as specific as you can.Based on this one measurement, we are able to determine that there is definitely a problem in the circuit somewhere on the left-hand side (from poi..
Tricks to Find and Fix Electrical Problems in your wall
Click to view on Bing7:24Dec 05, 2016Tips that electricians use to fix electrical problems. #2 Basic Residential Electricity. https://youtu/ILvrVxVrraI BASIC RESIDENTIAL ELECTRICITY #1.Author: Paul RicaldeViews: 263K
Basic Troubleshooting Strategies Worksheet - Basic Electricity
Basic Troubleshooting Strategies Basic Electricity and one of them is not working. The problem could be in the chandelier’s wiring (open wire connection, open connection in socket), or in the bulb itself (burned-out filament). you conclude that the service pipeline going up to that house must not be “live,” and that one of theA chandelier has five light bulbs in it, and one of them is not working. The problem could be in the chandelier’s wiring (open wire connection, open connection in socket), or in the bulb itself (burned-out filament). Describe a procedure for determining the location of the problem (chandelier vs. bulb), without using any electrical test instruments.Swap the non-working bulb for one of the other four working bulbs, and see if the problem moves with the bulb. Challenge question: can you think o..One day you decide to water your garden, using a garden hose that is already connected to a spigot on the side of your house: When you turn on the valve at the spigot, though, no water comes out the nozzle at the other end of the hose. Explain the steps you would take to troubleshoot this problem.This is an excellent question for discussion amongst your classmates! Two things I recommend, though: • Identify some probable sources of trouble..At a construction site, workers have used power extension cords to create a “network” of power cabling for their various electric tools. Each cord has one (male) plug and a receptacle (female) end that accepts up to three plugs: Despite this dangerous wiring, all tools have functioned so far without trouble. Then suddenly both the worklight and the circular saw in the lower-right corner of the illustration stop working. All the other tools continue to function properly (including all the radios, which is very fortunate because the workers become irritable without their music). From this information alone, determine what sections of this “network” are good, and what sections are suspect.Follow-up question: describe the general principle you used to locate the suspect area of this power network.A new residential neighborhood is being built, and you are working as a member of the construction crew. One day, when the heating technicians are on-site doing checks of the gas furnaces in each new house, they report that the last house in the neighborhood does not have natural gas. The piping is installed, of course, but when they turn the gas valve on nothing comes out. The gas pipeline servicing these houses is laid out in the following manner: Each black dot on the diagram is a shutoff valve, used for isolating different sections of the service pipeline. Based on the heating technician’s report, you conclude that the service pipeline going up to that house must not be “live,” and that one of the numbered valves was probably left in the off position. But which one could it be? You know that the main utility connection at the street is “live,” because the gas heater in the contractor mobile building is working just fine. You decide to go to valve #8 and check for gas pressure at that point in the pipeline with a portable pressure gauge, then checking the pressure at each valve location down the pipeline until you find where there is good gas pressure. However, before you step out of the room to go do this, one of your co-workers suggests you start your search at the middle point of the pipeline instead: at the location of valve #4. Explain why your co-worker’s idea is better, and also what your next step would be if: (a) you did find pressure at that point, and (b) if you did not find pressure at that point.Your co-worker’s strategy is based on the principle of dividing the gas pipeline into halves, and checking for pressure at the half-way point. This..As a technician, you are sent to troubleshoot a complex piece of electronic equipment that has stopped working. Upon opening the cabinet door for this equipment, your nose is greeted by the pungent odor of burnt circuit board (a smell you are unlikely to forget, once having experienced it). What does this simple fact indicate (or possibly indicate) about the nature of the equipment’s fault?The fact that you can smell trouble indicates you are most likely dealing with a catastrophic failure caused by (or resulting in) excessive curre..Two computer technicians are called to troubleshoot malfunctioning computer systems. Although the symptoms in each system are very similar, the histories of the two systems are not. The first computer is a unit that has been in operation for over two years, while the second system is a brand-new prototype, still in the developmental stages. Without knowing any more details on these two computer systems, what recommendations can you give to the two technicians about to troubleshoot them? If you were asked to troubleshoot each system, how would you approach the two systems differently? What ranges of problems might you expect from each system?I’ll let you determine the answers to this question! I do not expect that you will provide specific, technical answers, because I have given very l..An electrician is troubleshooting a faulty light circuit, where the power source and light bulb are far removed from one another: As you can see in the diagram, there are several terminal blocks (“TB”) through which electrical power is routed to the light bulb. These terminal blocks provide convenient connection points to join wires together, enabling sections of wire to be removed and replaced if necessary, without removing and replacing all the wiring. The electrician is using a voltmeter to check for the presence of voltage between pairs of terminals in the circuit. The terminal blocks are located too far apart to allow for voltage checks between blocks (say, between one connection in TB2 and another connection in TB3). The voltmeter’s test leads are only long enough to check for voltage between pairs of connections at each terminal block. In the next diagram, you can see the electrician’s voltage checks, in the sequence that they were taken: Based on the voltage indications shown, can you determine the location of the circuit fault? What about the electrician’s choice of steps - do you think the voltage measurements taken were performed in the most efficient sequence, or would you recommend a different order to save time?The fault is located somewhere between TB3 and TB4. Whether or not the electrician’s sequence was the most efficient depends on two factors not giv..This circuit is called a voltage divider , because it presents a fractional portion of the total voltage to the load: (Of course, with no load connected, the voltage across the lower resistor would be precisely 6 volts. With the load connected, the parallel combination of load and 1 kΩ resistor results in an effective resistance of less than 1 kΩ on the lower half of the divider, resulting in a voltage of less than half the total supply voltage.) Suppose that something goes wrong in this voltage divider circuit, and the load voltage suddenly falls to zero. A technician following the “divide-and-conquer” troubleshooting strategy begins by measuring voltage across the lower resistor (finding 0 volts), then measuring voltage across both resistors (finding 12 volts): Based on these measurements, the technician concludes that the upper resistor must be failed open. Upon disassembling the divider circuit and checking resistance with an ohmmeter, though, both resistors are revealed to be in perfect operating condition. What error did the technician make in concluding the upper resistor must have been failed open? Where do you think the problem is in this circuit?The technician wrongly assumed that an open (upper) resistor was the only possible fault that could have caused the observed voltage readings.This stereo system has a problem: only one of the two speakers is emitting sound. While the left speaker seems to be working just fine, the right speaker is silent regardless of where any of the stereo’s controls are set: Identify three possible faults that could cause this problem to occur, and identify what components of the stereo system are known to be okay (be sure to count each cable as a separate component of the system!). Possible faults in the system: • Fault #1: • Fault #2: • Fault #3: Components known to be okay in the system: • Component #1: • Component #2: • Component #3: Explain how you might go about troubleshooting this problem, using no test equipment whatsoever. Remember that the speaker cables detach easily from the speakers and from the amplifier.Components known to be okay include the left speaker, left speaker cable, and power cord for the amplifier. There are, of course, more known “good”..A music recording studio is equipped with three microphones, each of which connect to the “mixer” panel by means of shielded cables: The purpose of the mixer is to function as a multi-channel audio signal amplifier, to control the volume of each sound channel so that a good “mix” is obtained for recording. The studio engineer will use the individual controls on the mixer to “blend” the inputs for the best recording tone and quality. This system has a problem, though. Microphone #2 seems to be “dead,” meaning that channel #2 on the mixer does not register any signal when the singer sings into that microphone. All the other channels are working just fine, though. Being the studio technician, you job is to troubleshoot this problem in the shortest time possible. Unfortunately, in your rush to get to the job site you forgot to bring your test equipment. That isn’t a problem, however, because you know how to troubleshoot systems by swapping interchangeable components. I will present four different “swap” scenarios to you, with two different outcomes for each. Your task is to declare what is known about the location of the fault based on these scenarios and outcomes.Scenario #1, outcome #1: problem is not in the microphone. Scenario #2, outcome #2: microphone #2 is faulty. Scenario #2, outcome #1: problem i..People also askWhat are the dangers of old house wiring?What are the dangers of old house wiring?Here are some typical problems with old wiring that are possible hazards and may indicate the wiring should be replaced:Cracked,missing,or damaged wire insulation,exposing the metal part of the wire.Wiring surrounded by building insulation of any type.Exposed splices (not in an electrical box) wrapped with modern plastic electrical tape,..Is My Old Electrical House Wiring Safe?See all results for this questionHow to rewire a house?How to rewire a house?How to Rewire a House Take Precautions. Before you start working on the rewiring task or any other electric-based..Plan. Investigate your current lighting and outlets and evaluate your usage.Remove Old Wires. Even if you’re rewiring the entire house yourself,..Install New Wires. Unless your home is already gutted as..How to Rewire a House | DoItYourselfSee all results for this questionHow to troubleshoot electrical problems?How to troubleshoot electrical problems?How to Troubleshoot Electrical ProblemsRule Out Human Error. Perhaps you became flustered when the electrical problems began.Check the Electrical Panel. If your home has power in other areas,..Troubleshooting a Dead Outlet. Electrical outlets cost little to replace,..Other Electrical Problems to Look For.When in Doubt,Leave Electrical Problems..How to Troubleshoot Electrical ProblemsSee all results for this questionHow to draw electrical plans?How to draw electrical plans?Steps to Create House Electrical Plan Step 1. Run Floor Plan Maker and open a blank drawing page. Step 2. Set the drawing scale on the Floor Plan menu. Step 3. Drag floor plan symbols from the left libraries and drop them on the drawing page. Step 4. Edit and rotate house electrical shapes if necessary. Step 5.How to Create House Electrical Plan Easily - Edraw MaxSee all results for this question
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